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About Us


Orchard Collection was founded in 1999 in Jepara Indonesia. Starting with production and outsourcing for our clients in Europe. In 2013 we expanded our projects, we have been working mostly with projects as Hotel, Resort, Apartment, Commercial market. Since then our work and line of furniture has changed and we been more active in projects. Through the years we gained our reputation among the hospitality industry, and we’ve been supplying some chains such as Hotel Corallejo Spain , Hilto Double Tree Kuala Lumpur, Private Houses, and Restaurant.


Orchard Collection is able to assist the client to work on design, material and detailed information in the early stages of a new to be designed project. Our specialty is on manufacturing the best as possible Teak Roots and Teak Kitchenware products for our customers.


Being The Market Leader of Teak Root and Teak Kitchenware Producers.


  • Delivering The Best Services and Products to fulfill Our Customer Needs and Satisfaction.
  • Implementing Eco-friendly and Sustainability Approaches.
  • Giving Positive Impacts to Our Environment, socially and ecologically.


Concept Furniture and Handicraft



Interior Architectural Layouts and designs will be created to fulfill the client requirements, we will provide an overall evaluation and define functional criteria as basis for the development and implementation of the interior design, project schedule and budget.


Design & Development

Through the development of sketched and CAD document, we provides sufficient information for architect, mechanical and consultant to incorporate the interior design information into their construction document and specification. Basically we can also do the other way if the building drawing is already approved and implemented.



We produce a final set of FF&E drawings and specifications which provides the basic of products samples and shop drawings.



Based on the finalized design we will make shop drawings and also mock up of every interior item. We will assure that our manufacturing site follow up the approved design into details. As the mock up ready we will set up on the site and make a review before we do mass production.

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