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Terms and Conditions


All prices listed on our website are inclusive of VAT. Prices listed are prices in USD. You are exempt from freight forwarder and EMKL fee.


Minimum order is MQU 1 x 20 feet.

Buyers can make condolidated shipments with other companies in Indonesia with the minimum order requirement is $ 5,000 .


Payment can be transferred via Bank to CV. Orchard Collection account. For new customer down payment 40% of total order nominal, and repayment 60% of total order nominal after we send B/L.


Order delivery schedule can be determined by the customer or seller. We will confirm the delivery schedule via email. Delivery time for ready stock products will be faster. Our normal estimated time for one container is 2-3 months. We will give following order information every 10 days.


We try to display the product photo on our website as much as possible so that it is similar to the original product. However, as most of our products are handmade, the possibility of slight differences is reasonable. In addition, wood has a different style and color for each product.


We ensure that the products we send have passed quality control before packing. We also strive to ensure that the product packaging ensures that the product arrives in good condition. If you have received a product from us then immediately check the product carefully.

We are not responsible for item damage that occurs to:

– Damage caused by the customer

– The product has been in the customer’s possession for 6 months

Buyers can complain to us by showing evidence to us. We are responsible for:

– Product incompatibility with the requested custom

– Damage due to termites / fungi (maximum 6 months after product delivery)

– Errors in the form of products that do not comply with the specification documentation for goods that have been approved by the customer

– Damage / defects in products that have just been received by the customer and cause the goods to not function properly.

Our responsibility is to refund the buyer 100%, replacement for damage services, or replacement of goods in accordance with the agreement.

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